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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Homemade Fun Things for Toddlers

You know you've run across a great thing when your 1 and 2 year old sit occupied for a long length of time.

The first is rather simple. Take a juice bottle or container or yogurt container or other similiar contianer and fill it with pom poms. It's just a good ol' game of fill and dump.

Apparently, it's a good activity for my 6 year old too.

I've made a few laminated flip books and have been surprised at how much my 1 and 2 year olds enjoy them. Perhaps, for my 1 year old, it's the fact that the pages are super simple to turn.

One is made from the Letter Factory Flashcards made by Jessica over at Running With Scissors. Another is made from my All About Firemen printable found on my printables page. And the animal one was made using picture from a calendar.

Just find the photos you want to use, put two photos back to back for each page, laminate, punch holes, and hook them together with key rings.


  1. Love the idea with pom poms. My 1yr old has just discovered the fun of dumping things out. :D

  2. MOMtrepreneur Crafter of the Day: Leap Frog Letter Factory Flash Cards make great flip books

  3. I'm going to try making flip books for my kiddos with photos from travel magazines, adding words in three languages to each card. Thanks for the idea!

    What's the best/cheapest way to laminate, in your opinion, if we don't have regular access to a machine?