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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

K-2nd gr. Busy Bag Swap

This is just a quick note to let you know that I will not be sending out the activity assignments tonight. There are too many loose strings with the preschool swap that I need to tie up before I can take on more. Hindsight is telling me that perhaps four different swaps with multiple coordinators was a little much all at once. J I will be sending out the list of names and activities for each group to the coordinators very soon. It just won’t be in the timeframe I originally planned for. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

This Swap is Now Closed.
There will be 5 groups of 30 and 28 fill ins. If you do not hear from your coordinator by Thursday, the 28th (this accounts for not working on the weekend), please check your junk and spam folders.

To keep your email service from sorting the swap emails to the junk folder, add my email address to your email address book.
brenners at the herd . us 

This swap is for K - 2nd gr. ONLY. If you're looking for the toddler or preschool swap, they are closed. If you are looking for the Math and Reading only, it will be posted soon.

This swap will include 30 activities and 30 swappers + fill ins for each group. 

Want to join this one?

Step 1: Please review the following list of activities. Choose your top three choices of which you would like to create, or let me know if you have another idea that is not listed here. Other ideas are welcome. (While we take your choices into consideration, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned one of your choices.)

You may need to be creative when you brainstorm your activity to make it fit into the budget or into your current stock of stuff around the house. It's ok to deviate from the original instructions.

Check out this list of good deals to be found at Dollar Tree, Target, and Walmart.

Reading/Language Activities

Sight Word Popsicle Stick Game

Letter Tiles and CVC Word Speller Cards
(CVC pages only)

Flippin Cookies

Letter Tiles and Long Vowels Word Speller Cards
(Two Vowels Go Walking [ae, oa, etc.] and/or Silent E pages only)

Math Activities

Fraction Action
(For each bag you will need 4 large foam circles, squares, or rectangles [great price at Dollar Tree]. Leave one whole. Write a big 1 in the middle. Cut the second one in half. Write 1/2 on each piece. Third one in 1/3s, and the last one in 1/4s. Child will treat the pieces as a puzzle. They must put them together to create 4 whole shapes.)

Paint Stick Number Line
(Number Line Stickers are at Dollar Tree in the teachers' section.)

Math Circles or Felt Number Tiles (with +, -, x, division, and =)(Unless you love to cut circles or have a 1.25" - 1" circle punch, you might not want to commit to the math circles, or maybe cut them in squares instead.)

Bankrupt! Money Game

Science Activities

What's Magnetic?
(A magnet and several small objects to test magnetity on. A chart to record findings)

Materials Scavenger Hunt

Backyard Boredom Flipbook

Other Skills

Shoe Tying Card

Art Dice

Just for Fun

Masking Tape Fun
(A roll of masking tape and a list of tape activity ideas)

Hardware Play
(Nuts, bolts, and other inexpensive hardware)

Chalk Games - Annihilation & London Calling
(Sidewalk chalk and an inexpensive water gun. Write words or answers to math sums or pics or anything on sidewalk. Parent (or other child) calls out words, math problems, etc. and player squirts the answer. Continue until all words, etc. have disappeared. London Calling instructions linked above.)

Pom Pom Shooters
(Only with pom-poms instead of marshmallows to avoid spoilage)

Balloon Paddle Ball
(About halfway down the page)

Stretchy and Activity Cards
(I'm unsure on the cost of lycra fabric. I don't know if this would fit a $1/bag budget.)

Snowflake Builder

Eye Spy Bottle

Memory Game (wooden discs & felt, fabric scraps, miniature, wood squares, recycle kids' books)
(These are just ideas. I was thinking something more substantial than paper... wood, ez felt, foam? I'm not so sure this age group would really get into just another paper matching game. The set should probably consist of at least 6 matches.)

Popsicle Stick Puzzle
(Can be smaller than 16 popsicle sticks. Perfect if you have lots of old magazines or calendars.)

Spooning Beads
(Parents can give their child and egg carton and maybe let the child rummage through the kitchen junk drawer for other things to play with along with the beads. My 6 year old really enjoys this. You could maybe include yarn, if it's in the budget, in case they want to make jewelry.)

Playdough and Playdough Mat(s)
(Lots to choose from!)

Egg Puzzles
(Made from similarly patterned paper [hard to differentiate] or from felt or cardstock of all one color with different cut patterns... to make it harder for big kids)

Ping Pong Basketball
(Could use plastic cups rather than containers. This could be played alone as well, and would not have to be so complicated... just try to bounce the ball in a cup. Two or three cups could be placed in a line so that the last is farther away. Each cup could be a different score.)

Felt Board and Felt Pieces to Create a Scene
(One sheet of felt glued to one sheet of cardstock OR half a sheet of EZ felt. The felt play pieces should be things they can use to build a scene... examples, but DO NOT SEW, do not include toys, and it doesn't have to be as elaborate - simplify it: construction and train, farm, dinos, castle, meadow)

(This requires a small block of wood, like a 2x4. If you've got scraps lying around or are not intimidated by power tools, like some people {ahem}, then this might be perfect for you.

Pinchers & Small Items
(Salad servers or something like it [check Dollar Tree] and small items like pom poms [or anything else that would work]. Child uses the pinchers to pick up items.)

Step 2: Read the general overview of the swaps, if you haven't yet.

Step 3: If you're absolutely sure this is something you want to do, fill out the form below. This form will be taken down in 48 hours or when a "ridiculous" number of swappers is reach. (he he)

Filling out the form is not a way of expressing interest. It is a commitment to be a part of the swap.If however, you do sign up with full intentions of participating, but then realize that for some reason you are unable to continue, please let me or your swap coordinator know right away, so that we can contact someone else who would love to be involved.

Step 4: Wait patiently to hear from your coordinator. You should receive an email in 3 days or less (from the time the swap is closed) informing you or either your activity assignment or your standing as a fill in. If you do not hear anything after 3 days, check your junk mail folder or spam folder. If you still hear nothing, email me.


  1. My kids have just loved the preschool bags, and the reading/math bags. Will you be doing a K-2 busy bag swap again in the near future? :)

  2. Are you planning on hosting a swap anytime soon? I recently stumbled upon busy bags and think my little man would devour them!

  3. I would love to do a swap if you are offering them again. Your ideas are amazing!

  4. Is there an alternate site for All those links seem to be non-working links.