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About Me

If you're like me... you're wishing you knew more about the person writing the words that appear on your computer screen. I cannot read a blog if I don't have a feel of who the person is. Just can't. It's kinda like listening to a speaker with a dark hood shadowing his face.

So, here 'tis...
This is me, Brenda. I'm a <ahem> 30 something year old mom. It really struck my the other day just how old I am.

I was looking at cleaners in Target when two young ladies asked, "Does all Soft Scrub have bleach in it?" I politely smiled and replied, "I'm really not sure. I don't use it."

The blond girl giggled, "Hee. Hee. We're just college girls. We don't know these things like you would."

I was speechless... thoughtless actually. It was like time stood still for half a minute while I caught up. I always thought of myself as "college age". Like I thought I was on the same level as them.

I've always looked younger than I am. I was handed a children's menu when I was eighteen. Little far fetched, but still.... When I just had Cherith and Daryn, people would tell me I didn't look old enough to have kids. When did I ever reach the point of looking like... well, like an experienced mom?

It truly is a one way road, my friends. We aren't getting any younger.

This is the family...

My wonderful husband, Aaron. Truly our marriage was a "divine conspiracy". He's my best friend. We'll be together through thick an' thin... it's been tested, trust me, but the God-glue sticks stronger than ever.

On our drive home from our honeymoon, Aaron talked about how cool it would be to have an alphabet family. He and I already made up the A and B. All we needed was kids to keep it going. So, we did....

Cherith is an incredible big sister, almost always willing to help her siblings with anything they need. She takes care of Faith quite well... even wipes her nose more often than I. She is in kindergarten this year. She loves to read, once she gets started, but hates the starting part. She loves math. And absolutely loves to draw and doodle. Her spot at the table always has pencils and crayons and paper strewn everywhere.

Daryn is our sweet boy (with an ornery streak). He's getting adjusted to life as a boy... as the baby/little boy attributes fade away and leave behind boy in all its rawness. It can be tough to have so much pent up boy energy and yet still want the cuddles. He's beginning to catch on to the concept of reading, but much prefers hands on learning to sit down learning.

Ethan is adorable and cute, but don't let his looks fool you. He can best be described as a "thing". You know, like thing one and thing two... fun as all get out, but running wildly in circles, creating messes everywhere he goes. We love him to pieces and he keeps us laughing... most of the time.

Faith is our sweet, sweet baby. A happy go getter. She comes to me when she's hungry or tired, otherwise, she's walking around the house with the big kids. She was sitting at 5 months, crawling at 6 months, standing at 7 months, and walking at 8 months. We have yet to know her personality destination, but so far, the glimpses are of a happy, spunky girl. (P.S. I love her curls.)

That's us. And that's my life.