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Free Printables

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Charts an' Such for the Kidlets

Baby's Sleep Habits Tracker

Chore Cards

Character & Reward Cards

Potty Routine Chart

Just For Fun


Green Eggs on a Plate Game

Busy Bag Ideas

Reading Helps

Reading Lists (More to come)
Have your child read through these for practice as they learn the different sounds.

Reading Games & Activities

Wild Vowels - A game, played like Uno, which aids in quickly differentiating between long and short vowel words.

Letter Tiles and Word Speller Cards (cvc, silent e, and two vowels go walking)
With Clues or Without Clues

Reading Worksheets

Tiny Words/Single Vowels - A cut and paste worksheet reviewing o in goe in me, and y in fly.

Bob Books Activities
Set 2 - Advancing Beginners

Book 6 - Sox the Fox

Organizational Helps

Household Management Forms for a Household Homemaking Binder or Notebook

OYOL Worksheets
(This document includes all the worksheets offered with the OYOL challenges. Many of the worksheets could also be used in a household notebook or binder.)