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OYOL - Organization

Yay! The new year is finally here and with it, the hope of a more peaceful daily life. 2010 was, for me, a year of being entirely overwhelmed and completely stressed. I'm not sure exactly how I got here, but some where between baby number 2 and baby number 4, life overtook me. This past year, I suddenly realized that I am not the happy, peaceful mother I was when Cherith was a baby and toddler. I guess I was like a boiled frog. I had no idea I was being boiled. I just suddenly realized I was hotter than I liked.

They say the first step to change is realizing you need change. Got that step covered. Next would be to plan the change and carry it out. I think planning is fun, so I'll have no problem taking care of that. The hard part... definitely the carrying it out.

So, here's the plan... school myself in how to organize my life in one year's time. My goal is pretty simple: to be more organized at the end of 2011 than I was at the end of 2010. I hope by accomplishing that, I will be a more joyful wife and mother.

Now, I'm kinda weird. I don't just wake up one day and say, "Ok. Time to get organized." I have to plan, break it down, and............. yes, create an entire "program" for myself, complete with weekly lessons and worksheets. Ha Ha!! Yeah, seems strange to create a regimented program and then force yourself through it, but that's me for ya.

I'm calling the program OYOL. Originally it stood for One Year to an Organized Life, but then I received a comment from the author of a book entitled, none other but... One Year to an Organized Life, which I had no idea existed (but I shoulda knowed), saying that she was so glad I would be making her book part of my new goals and if I or any of my readers had questions, she'd be happy to answer. I'm  not sure if she was truly glad or just trying to gently say, "Hey! You're stealing my title! Erase it, Lassy, or die!" So I thanked her and apologized and promptly added a {more} in there.

And there you have it... One Year to a {more} Organized Life was born. Join in if you like. If not, I'm happy to trek through it alone. I just need a bit of publicity to keep me pluggin'.

Here's a list of each week's challenges. If you're just getting started, I'd recommend starting with week one.

Week One - Finding Your Purpose

Week Two - The Bare Minimum

Week Three - Brainstorming for the Rough Draft

Week Four - Slicing the Pie

Week Five - Cut, Combine, or Delegate

Week Six - Kids' Chores

Week Seven - Get a Routine on Paper

Week Eight - Reporting for Active Duty

Week Nine - Monthly/Annual Chores

Week Ten - Menu Planning

Week Eleven - More Menu Planning

Week Twelve - And More Menu Planning

Week Thirteen - The Chaos of Clutter