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Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Year to a {more} Organized Life, Week One

Finding Your Purpose

If you have a desire to organize your life, you know it’s going to take a lot of hard work and planning. But how to stay consistent… that’s the hard part. Where do we get the motivation to instill the stick-to-it-ness this goal is going to require?

I think we need to get a good hold on the reason we want to get organized, and it needs to be a good reason. Not just a good, good reason, but a very important reason. The reason needs to be important enough that it will rein us back in when we get off track.

This week’s assignment is to think hard about why you want to be organized. Don’t just think of surface reasons… “I want to keep up with housework.” “I need more time to spend with the kids.” “I want to be able to go to bed earlier.” Dig deeper. What’s at the heart of all these little things? What long term core and/or eternal goal is important enough to keep you going?

Here’s a list of possible reasons to get your thinker going:
        1. I want our home to be an example of the peace and love God intends for His children.
        2. So that my children will look back on their childhood and remember a calm, loving mom who frequently took time to play.
        3. I will be able to reach out to others in need when my finances, schedule, and belongings are organized and managed well.
        4. The dreams and goals I have for my future can only be achieved if I live out my days in an organized fashion.

If you still need help seeing through the fog to find the bottom, perhaps this worksheet will help. (Pardon the third party file hosting. I am working on hosting my own files, once my husband has a chance to get me set up… yeah, he’s good like that.)

When you’ve got your reason pinned down, blog about it and link up below. I will be working on pinning down my reason this week too.


  1. Ummm... I can't get the worksheet to download at all :o( When I click "start downloading" I just get a message "Your download is starting.." but nothing else ever happens.

  2. I downloaded the worksheet - it popped up behind the window I was looking at.

    I really appreciate the worksheet, it really got me thinking. My hubby is going to be giving my blog a makeover and I will definitely be linking up! I absolutely need the accountability of having it out there!

  3. Your blog is fabulous!! I am so excited to join this journey of becoming organized with you!

  4. Been working on this for the past weekend. This is what I have so far...
    Affirmations I have for 2011.
    I enjoy having my finances in order and up to date.
    I focus only on the projects which enhance our family life or promote Christ like service.

    Was trying to write these as positive statements.

  5. I had a big laugh when I saw the worksheet, particularly the one about going too long without a shower! Since having my baby in June my hygienic standards have really taken a nosedive! LOL!

  6. I just "met" your blog today via Money Saving Mom. I love it. I'll be back. I'm looking forward to your guidance on getting organized. :)

  7. I linked! I am so excited to have some accountability to get organized. And it will give me some good blogging material, too! :) Thanks for your blog!

  8. I linked! I am new at blogging and I don't know if I am doing this right but I am linked :)

  9. I added my link. I'm so excited about this! I was wondering if you could turn the OYOL logo into a button to add to the sidebar of the blog. I like the put them on mine :) Thanks again for starting this. My sanity appreciates it!!

  10. So I wanted to do this with you, but I somehow lost track of it - go figure. I was just reading and printing out the worksheets to catch up and thought, wow even though I only have two kids this sounds a lot like my life! I've been trying to get organized on my own, but I am realizing that I need more help than Krystal's Time Management 101. Thanks again for doing this!

  11. Hello Brenda,

    Thank you for this inspirational project. Although I am waaaaaaay behind, I think it will prove to be very useful in my current situation. Is the worksheet still available? The link goes to a site and says failed to load page content along with several other related searches links. I understand that due to my timing being off that the printables and aids that go with your project may no longer be available, but I wanted to check just to be sure. Thank you for your time:)


    1. OOPS!! Found them, should've looked a little harder, so sorry! Thanks again, wish me luck!! Ann-Marie