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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Inevitable

There are some things in life that just always happen, no matter what. Things like:

1)  As soon as I sit down with Cherith to start school, the boys (previous happily occupied) suddenly appear. Daryn wants help with something or other. Ethan begins to talk or whine, repeating the same thing at least ten times with no breaths in between... at a very high volume level, of course. If I don't answer one of those ten times, he hollers, "YOU HEAR ME???? MOM! YOU HEAR ME???" Right about this time, Faith wakes up crying.

2)  I sneak away to the bathroom while all kids are oblivious to my existence. The door quietly closes and.... "MOM? Mom? MOM?? MO-OM?!?! Mom, where ARE you?" Over and over again, Cherith calls for me in a pathetic voice, like a lost child in the grocery store.

3)  Aaron and I take advantage of an empty kitchen and begin a conversation. Those first three spoken words are like magnets dragging in children with all sorts of "important problems".

Will I one day miss this? I don't know. But I sure know I wouldn't mind a few days without it.


  1. Very true! I dream of a day when I can go to the bathroom alone! I'm sure that some day the tables will be turned and they will be trying to get away from us...

  2. Oh my, Brenda! I am laughing so hard because this sounds so familiar! For school time, it seems to help if I have a special thing for the little one to do during that time (special color book, game, etc.) But I have also decided that uninterrupted time with a child in school is a non-existent dream!

    We also have an "emergency policy". There are times we tell our kids they may not interrupt unless it is an emergency. We carefully give a few relevant examples so they understand. It does help cut down on the conversation interruptions.

    Hang in there! We'll miss all this some day!

  3. You forgot the one about waiting until they're occupied to make a phone call... Inevitably, of course, pandemonium breaks loose and they run around like maniacs, screaming at the top of their lungs. You tell the person on the other end that it's not always like this... =) Or is it just me?!

  4. LOL! YES, Janel! I completely forgot that one. And it is especially true when you have to make one of those phone calls to a place that requires you to vocally wade through their menu prompts.

  5. My husband says "Just shut and lock the bathroom door like I do." To which my response is "Hah!"

  6. This was superbly written! This is exactly how it always happens in my house as well! The vocal phone menus make me crazy when my children are around!! Thanks for writing this....I often wonder as well if I will miss all of those interruptions!

  7. Spring Break begins April 21st here. I will take the cuties if you bring them to NJ...hmm, or you could fly this poor nursing student to your house too. :)