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Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Year to a {More} Organized Life, Week Five

**Note to self: Proofread before posting. My apologies to those who had to read the messy, full of typos post.**

Hard to believe this is week five. I'm still floundering with my bare minimum. That's my major goal this week: DO THE BARE MINIMUM, no matter what. I found a daily goal tracker somewhere online, but forgot to bookmark it. I was wanting to print it out and be able to track each day that I accomplish my bare minimum. Thing is... I can't find it. So, so sad. I thought it was linked to from Money Saving Mom. But either I'm not putting in the right search terms, or I stumbled upon it somewhere else. I can see the web page in my mind. It was a white background with black words (of course). There was a lady on the left side of the article. There was also a sample screenshot of the actual goal tracker you could print. Hate when I loose things in the world wide web.

Ok, so anyway...

First off... a note to Victoria and Kristin. Moving is a HUGE thing. Please don't get bogged down by some silly blog telling you to organize your life. <grin> Focus on the people priorities - husband and kids. I'm sure the packing and moving and unpacking will get done, because after all... it has to. I will be praying for both of you during this chaotic time of life.

I hope that thinking through priorities helped with prioritizing your routine list from week three. It sure helped me - a lot. I am in love with my pie chart. I think I'm going to attach it to my bare minimum list hanging on my fridge to help me make sense of the chaos throughout the day.

Cut, Combine, or Delegate

If you're like me, or most women in general, you try to accomplish way more than one person could ever handle. Three words - cut, combine, or delegate.

Go through that list you made from week three... the one split up into columns of how often they should be done. Ask yourself...

What can I/should I cut from my list?

Some of it may need to be cut out for good. It may just not fit into your goals for your life. Maybe some just need to be cut out temporarily while you are in this stage of life. Perhaps you can pick it up again in a few years or further down the road. I recently realized that I have to let go of my graphic design business. I just cannot give it the attention I need to and still give my children and house the attention that they need.

Which of these things can be combined?

You can wash and dry laundry while playing with the kids or cooking dinner, thanks to the wonderful invention of the washing machine and dryer. You can clean the bathroom while supervising your child's bath. You can fold laundry while watching a movie with your kids. Hand them their pile and have them put it away when the movie is over. You can clean out the old leftovers while mentally brainstorming your menu for the week. You can exercise while getting in some personal entertainment time... movie, music. You can clean as you go while cooking. So many things can be combined, so that you are achieving more than one thing at a time. Just don't let the squirrels get you distracted, thereby accomplishing absolutely nothing.

What things can be delegated to someone else?

Whether you live in a family of two or a family of twelve, you are a team. Enlist the help of your husband and/or children. If your husband is short on time, due to his own responsibilities, don't overload him with requests. But I am sure that a lot of husbands would be willing to take the trash to the trash can or carry his plate to the sink when he is finished or help you decide which bills to pay when. Children can be taught from a very young age to help with housework. (We'll cover kid chores next week.) For ideas of age appropriate chores, you may find Donna's lists helpful. (Scroll through until you get to the post that correlates to the age you want.)

You can print this week's worksheet to help you think through this assignment. The first section gives you space to write out the things you need to cut and the reason why, which I think is important for being at peace with giving up some of your desires. The second section gives you space to brainstorm some chore combinations. And last, a whole graph/table thingy to fill in what to delegate to who. Have fun!
Once again... check in, so we can inspire each other. Also, if you have any great ideas on what "chores" can be combined, I'd love to hear them.


  1. was this the link you were looking for?

  2. My goal tracker is a sticker on the calendar for completing the bare minimum list and another one for completing my weekly tasks for that day. I feel like a 5 year old, but it makes me smile to see the stickers. :) Very visual reminder in my kitchen of how well I am doing. :)

    I keep having to remind myself to finish the daily list before doing special projects. Empty the dishwasher before writing thank you notes, for example.


  3. I've been struggling with the bare minimum and decided to focus on one thing from it at a time. I have been making laundry a part of my daily routine for a couple of weeks now and think that I can keep it up. On Sunday my husband is going to occupy my kids for the afternoon so I can do a good cleaning of the kitchen and then I am going to work on adding daily kitchen cleaning (to a bare counter and clean sink) into my routine. Once I have those two down I'm going to add in the next thing on the bare minimum list.

    I loved stickers when I was a kid. Maybe I'll start adding stickers to my calendar when I finish something too!

  4. No, it wasn't, Melissa. But I found a lot of other cool stuff on her blog. Thanks. :)

  5. I found this link through a blog (can't remember which one). Is it similar to what you are looking for?


  6. YES, Samantha! That's exactly it. Thank you ever so much!

  7. Can I just curl up on my office floor and sleep now?

  8. I'm back! Well, sort of. I'm really behind.