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Monday, March 21, 2011

One Year to a {More} Organized Life, Week Twelve

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. But I sure feel like it. It just feels crazy here and busy, yet I can't really lay my finger on a particular big why... just many little ones.

I am however, staying more caught up on the dishes. (I said more, not completely.) I also no longer have a huge long mountain of laundry along the living room wall.

Nope, instead I have a bedroom that is completely empty, but has new paint on the walls, thanks to my hard working man. Instead, I have an entry way filled with laundry baskets of clothing from our closet and bedding from our bedroom. Instead I have plastic drawers stacked in the bathroom, which apparently made great props for my 2 year old son's Noah reenactment this morning.

This kids are going crazy being in a house that is crowded and wanting to be in on all the "fun" of the room redo. But JOY OF ALL JOYS!!! The weather is certianly turning a new leaf and the hint of spring is often in the air.

I will post one last post on food related stuffs, and then I think I'm going to take a 2 week break. I need some time to catch up and to focus more on getting this routine thing established. So, if I'm completely silent for two weeks, don't panic. I'll be back. (You can panic then. ha ha.)

The Shopping List

I am of the opinion that shopping is only as easy as your list is organized. You can go in uprepared and spend longer than you want wandering around in a confused bubble, or you can run in and run out with the peace of mind that nothing is forgotten. (Unless you're like me and forget things that are right there on the list. Squirrel Syndrom.)

I have a list made in Excel with catagories listed in the order in which I encounter them at the store I most often shop at, which happens to be Walmart. Our store recently went through a remodel, so I had to totally revamp my list.

I love having my list in the order of my store, because it keeps me from running back and forth and around in circles. It also has greatly reduced the number of things I forget.

If I have items that I need to purchase at another store such as good deals at Kroger, I list them on the back of my shopping list in the order in which I would encounter them in the store. This works for me because I rarely have more than 10 items to purchase at another store other than Walmart.

The shopping list is half paper size, making it easy to handle at the store.

I print several of these and pin them to my wonderful bulliten board. When I (or my husband) think of something I need to purchase, I write it on the list right then. Then when grocery list makin' day comes, all I have to do is add the ingredients from my menu, rather than try to remember everything I ran out of that week.

If you'd like to take a look, you can download it in it's original spreadsheet format. Feel free to make changes to it, if you think it might work for you. (Not sure if I did this link right or not. I think it should open for ya.)

Do you have a method to the madness of the shopping list? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I think remodeling bedrooms counts as "big". :)

    I have a magnetic shopping list on my fridge. If I use up anything or think of something to buy I write it down. I usually read over the list before I go into the store, so I have an idea of what I need. I also reread the list every few aisles to make sure I didn't miss anything. And before I go to the other side of the store at Walmart. It's a bit frustrating to be in the shampoo aisle and realize you forgot the yogurt. :P

    Not exactly sure why, but shopping lists with categories never work for me. I always revert back to this way. I guess if it works for me, I should learn to leave it alone. :)

  2. I guess I'm a bit anal when it comes to my grocery list....& I probably even do it the hard way but, like Laura works for me.

    We have a small whiteboard on the side of the fridge & any time I run out of something....or the hubster wants something....we put it on there. Come store time, I make out my menu putting anything I need on the list. Once I have a master list I go back & sort it out, putting everything in store order (which is just in my head....I don't have a spreadsheet for this) on a new piece of paper. (oh, & I put anything not in the food section on the right side of my paper so I won't miss it & have to go back) That is the ONLY way I won't forget something. Since doing that I don't think I have ever forgotten anything....which is HUGE since I only have the opportunity to really grocery shop once every 2 weeks!

    I, like you, have had to adjust to the new store layout....not liking that so much but I am finally getting accustomed to it.


  4. Thanks for the link to your list. I reorganized the categories to match my grocery store then printed a bunch of copies to keep on hand. I am keeping one on the fridge and have now had two successful shopping trips with no forgotten items! My hubby says thank you!