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Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation K-10: Wk. 1-2 Review

I am loving, loving, loving school time with my girlie. And apparently, my little men are loving it too. It's so cute to sit down with Cherith and all of a sudden there's two little guys right there too, with Ethan chanting, "'ant skoo, 'ant skoo" (want school). The boys join along with all the Bible and Character stuffs, then go their way when we move on to reading, math, and science/social studies.

Without further ado, here's the pile o' books we're using, otherwise known as the cirriculum.

The whole sha-bang:

My Teacher Book (as the kids call it):

My handy dandy pocket for holding small bits of paper that a lot of kdg projects and games seem to consist of.

List of resources (what I'm using for each subject):

Lesson plans for each day of the week:

The character trait page (one for each week):
We are using the character line up (and printable character pages) from Mother Hubbard. We learn what the character means, the Bible verse that goes with it, and sing the song. Ethan LOVES the songs. We then read a Bible story that goes along with that trait and do a project that goes along with it.

The Character/Bible activity pages pocket: (I use this pocket to store the printed pages I will use that week.)
Some highlights of the last two weeks' character/Bible time:

Name puzzles (ordering letters correctly to spell their name)
-This picture is actually a bit embarrassing. My three year old (who is potty trained) is wearing a diaper because I was so behind on laundry there was no underwear.

Noah's Ark (follow directions to make an ark),
Order the days of creation

Nehemiah's Wall (be a good planner and leader to build a wall)

Bible verse for attentive

Stick puppets for the story of Mary (attentive) and Martha (busy with good things at the wrong time)

Character review books

Math: (The workbook I found at Sam's Club. We skip the first pages that cover the easy stuff.)

Our Calendar Book: (explained here and here)

How many days in school: (hundreds chart)

Months of the year chart and song:

Days of the week song:

Monthly Calendar:

Weather graph:

Tempature graph:

Observation worksheet for each month's weather graph:

Social Studies: (A family journal that I put together. It also somewhat coordinates with the character line up.)

Some social studies pics:

Science: (A workbook/textbook about the human body that my sister in law and I are putting together that matches up with the character trait schedule)

Some science pics from the last couple weeks:

Observation report from our listening walk:
Homemade kazoos demonstrating how sound vibrates:

And I saved this for last, because I need some help...

Our reading stuffs:

The Tinkerbell notebook is Cherith's kidwriting book, explained here:

I like a lot of things about the 100ez lessons book. It's easy enough for me and Cherith. She's learning to read from it, but she finds it very boring. I'm needing to add more hands on/active learning besides a big book with lots of black print. Any ideas or help here? She's not a total beginner reader. She knows all the sounds of the consonants, vowels (short and long), and some blends and dipthongs. She can read short vowel words and a few long vowel words. She does not read smoothly yet. She still has to sound out each word. So, we're not needing alphabet work. I'm just not sure exactly what direction to go in. I would love any reccomendations.


  1. Hands on for reading: I got some Melissa and Doug magnetic letters. We practice making words or I make words and have them read them. They like the hands on and bright colors. You can use a magnetic board, or a cookie sheet works great! Also, I like to try supplementing my reading curriculum with small readers. She is probably ready for the first set of Bob Books, which my kids love!

  2. wow, go you! So, do you do every subject every day? How much time to do you spend per day?

    We're using Bright Beginnings preschool curriculum, Good and Evil comic book for Bible stories, Psalm 25, and 100ez lessons. Connor will be 5 in a few weeks, so not technically kindg. until next year.

  3. You are so inspiring, Brenda! :o) It makes me look forward to official school with Isaiah in a few years.

  4. Thanks, Christina, for the good ideas. I should probably think outside of the "cirriculum box" and just find ways to do reading with what we have... magnets, other letter toys... and then do readers, since I have a couple sets anyway, passed on from my mom.

    Liz'bet, we do about 2 hours every day, except Wednesday, which is our light day. We do Bible/character, reading, and math every day. Science on Monday and Tuesday. Social Studies on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday we only do Bible/character and then only the kidwriting part of reading and just the calender book part of math. So it only takes 45 mins-ish on Wednesday.

    So far, Sharon, teaching is the funnest part of motherhood. I plan to hire someone else to cover all the other jobs.... as soon as I get enough money. ;P

  5. Love, love love it! You have me so inspired! I've got some reading ideas for you...but will have to post them later. i should be working right now...