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Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Things About This Stage in Our Family That I Never Want to Forget:

1. The sweet friendship developing between Ethan and Faith. The way Ethan grins and says, in his excited, high pitched voice, "Hi, Fay-fee!!" The way Faith lights up, grins, and wiggles with excitement when greeted by her big brother. The way Ethan spontaneously gives her hugs. The way she gazes at him in awe and wonder.

2. The camaraderie between Daryn and Cherith. Sometimes they fight and get mighty mad at each other, but after assisting them in the art of apologizing and asking for forgiveness, they often follow up with: "Friends?" "Friends!". At which point, they more than likely hug.

3. The way the boys just "hang" together and do their boy things outside with rocks and sticks and cars and trucks.

4. The HUGE help that Cherith is with Faith. Always willing to "babysit" and entertain her with crazy antics.

5. The major attraction Faith has for her daddy. The way she grins, wiggles, and coos when she sees him from afar. The way she stares at him in adoration when she wakes up at night to find daddy's still working in the living room.

6. Cherith's love for learning and her desire to help with just about anything anyway that she can.

7. Daryn's soft and tender heart. How easy it is to connect with him on a heart level, and yet how easily broken by my impatience.

8. Ethan's take on life - why give a care if it's not food or fun? I can learn a lot from him. I really can.

9. Faith's grins, snuggles, and coos. Each phase of development. The way she scoots and sits up like a big girl. The way she tries so hard to crawl.

10. The extra special "super glue that holds forever, no matter what" commitment that my husband and I have for each other. The glue has been tested, but the hold only grew stronger and grows stronger everyday.


  1. Love it!!! So happy you are writing this down and taking time to find all of these happy things so that I can remind you to look at this list when you are feeling down and overwhelmed! LOVE YOU!

  2. Thanks, Bridgette. I can always count on you to remind me of the good things. You's da best.

  3. This is precious! We can learn so much from our children.