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Monday, January 10, 2011

Marvelous Monday

I have this wonderful mother in law. She comes over every Monday to stay with the kids while I run my errands. Every once in a while, I like to cycle through the kids and take one with me, letting them have Mom dates. Today was Cherith's turn.

I have never had a better time with my little girl! She proclaimed today "Marvelous Monday" (and decided tomorrow should be Tacky Tuesday), and I think I would agree. We got our fill of McDonald's, hopped in to the bank to do a small bit of banking, and then on to the library where we checked out the next set of Bob Books (something she was incredibly excited about). We made a quick run into JoAnn's for some fleece and her $1 Mommy date treat. She chose a paint by number set. Then it was on to Walmart to dash about like wild women trying to grab all our groceries and get home before Aaron had to head off for school.

We drove past Cherith's great grandparent's Lutheran Church as we looked for the library. I'm pretty sure someone moved the library since the last time I was there. It just wasn't where it was supposed to be. I drove up one road and down another looking all over the place. We did finally find it. And you know what? They must've put it back while we were on a different street! Who woulda thunked?? Ok, so I was lost... but don't tell anyone.

So there was a reason I mentioned the church. As we left the library, Cherith started talking about the Christmas Eve service we attended there in 2009. "And you know what the best part was, Mom? They had snacks!!!" I was a bit confused. Snacks? "Yeah," she assured me. "You know... Me and Daryn had animal crackers. And you and Daddy went up to get the adult snacks." Then it clicked. We brought snacks for the kids to keep them occupied, and my husband  and I did go up and take part in their communion.

I tried to explain all this to my dear inquisitive child, and this very quickly turned into a discussion of theology and answers to all sorts of questions. We went from the humanness of Mary to the holiness of God. We went all the way back to the history of who satan is and how he fits into the big picture. We covered salvation and redemption. And we talked about God's sovereignty... that satan never "one up"s God. That God always has everything in control and that one day He will crush the head of the serpent forever, and we will live forever in a new world glorifying the King of Kings.

I loved that conversation. She is so understanding. I love her childlike faith and ferver. This evening, during supper, Cherith rehearsed the entire conversation to her brothers. They sat in rapture as she explained every detail in her childlike way. And I... I treasured up these things and pondered them in my heart.

Yup, it was a Marvelous Monday!


  1. awww! That is special and wonderful. I'm glad you got the chance to take her along and that God gave you such a great conversation. :-) What a blessing!

  2. Very fun. I got lost last night on my way to our own church. I'm blaming it on the migraine. We recently had an interesting communion experience too!

  3. I read blogs to steal ideas. And when my girls get old enough, I'm totally stealing this Mommy date idea. :)