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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Blog Plans

I want my blog to have some solidity and predictability to it, yet continue to have the flexibility to write about anything I want. So I thought about the things I really want to be sure I blog about and scheduled them into a week. I may need to shuffle them around a bit as I get a better feel for things, but here's the plan, for now:

Sunday night: One Year to a {more} Organized Life
Wednesday night: Lyrical Devotions
Friday night: Sleepy Critter

I'm sure by now you know about One Year to a {more} Organized Life (OYOL).

Lyrical Devotions is a new series I've been contemplating. The Scriptural truths found in many Christian songs often speak to my heart and get me thinking. This is the reason Christian music is such a vital part of my life. Lyrics are incredibly important to me. If a song has lyrics that are not edifying, it doesn't appeal to me, no matter how catchy the tune. Lyrical Devotions will be a means of getting the contemplations out of my head and onto paper  the screen.

Sleepy Critter is a continuation of the hit and miss series on baby sleep issues I had started before.

And of course, I am giving myself complete freedom to blog about anything else any time I please. Because I'm cool like that.

I hope there's something here that interests you. If not, that's ok... I guess that's why there are millions of blogs out there.

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