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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alphabet Flashcards for Leapfrog Letter Factory

All my children enjoy the Leap Frog DVDs. Cherith learned all the letter sounds from Letter Factory, and now Daryn is working on it too.

I came across some flashcards that Jess (Running With Scissors) designed to go along with the DVD. I printed them off and laminated them, punched holes, and used rings to put them together like a book.

Daryn likes to hold the book and flip through it as he watches the DVD. He is also able to recall the sounds of several of the letters while looking at the cards, because he can recall the clues from the DVD.

If your kids enjoy the Letter Factory DVD, and you think these cards could reenforce what they're learning, you can download your own cards from Jess's blog.


  1. This is great! My kinds LOVE letter factory! :)

  2. Ha, Bridgette! Perhaps, Dear, if you had said "kids", instead of "kinds", it would have made your comment more legitimate. :P

    Can't wait 'til you've got your kidlet on the outside!