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Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogger Commenting Issue

Not sure if any of you other bloggers have this issue, but I have been annoyed outa my socks that I can sign into my blog and access all my posting and editing stuffs, but canNOT log in to comment. I finally got annoyed enough to research it.

Apparently, Google is still working on it... I guess it's not super high priority since it's been many weeks. Anyway, one of the things they suggested to get around it was to uncheck the "remember me" box (or whatever it says there) before signing in to comment. I tried that, and it worked for me.

Here's a link to google's help forum with a list of possible go arounds. The only one they left off was:

Stick your left big toe into your right ear. Stick out your tongue, and repeat these words: "Google is the great and mighty internet master."

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