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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Preschool- Young K (adv. 2's-young Ks) Busy Bag Swap

This swap is now closed.

There will be 12 groups. Each group will have 2-3 fill ins. Your coordinator will contact you in the next few days. (There were 368 people, so please be patient. It will take me a while to group them all.)

If you have not been contacted, check your junk mail folder or spam folder.
If you cannot find an email from your coordinator, email me.

This swap is for Preschool- Young K ONLY. If you're looking for the toddler swap, it is re-opened! If you're wanting to join the K-2nd or the Math and Reading swaps, they are coming soon.

This swap will include 30  activities and 30 swappers + 5 or so fill ins per group.

Want to join this one?

Step 1: Please review the following list of activities. Choose your top three choices of which you would like to create, or let me know if you have another idea that is not listed here. Other ideas are welcome. If you participated in the swap last May, the activites will be very similiar to last time, but you are welcome to sign up again if you like.

You may need to be creative when you brainstorm your activity to make it fit into the budget or into your current stock of stuff around the house.

Shapes & Colors

--Shape Hunt & Sort

-- I Have, Who Has Game
(That's a lot of printing, but the game looks so fun. Wonder if you could play the game with just half the number of cards?)

--Double Trouble Shape Match

--Popsicle Color Match
(Make it with felt rather than paper to make it withstand the use of small children)

--Pom Pom Patterns


 Numbers/Counting/Early Math

-- Number Wheel

 --Five Fabulous Frogs
(Can use any object and you can make your own sorting mats on smaller sheets of paper)

--Measure It

--Laminated Numeber Tracing Cards and a WASHABLE crayon or dry erase marker
(To keep the cost down, maybe you could just do one page, the numbers 1-12. If you use a crayon, it must be a Crayola washable crayon or it will not wipe off.)

--Felt Number Tiles and Bug Counting Cards


--Any of these alphabet activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler

--Felt Letter Tiles and Alphabet Tile Cards

Just for Fun

--Playdough and Play Mat(s)
(Some ideas: Number Mats, Letter Mats, Shape Mats look under "shapes", Berry Pie Mat, Carrot Planting, Facial Expressions, Feeding Giraffe, )

--Felt Cupcake Decorating


--Spooning Beads

--Felt Snowflake Builder
(For the board, you can simply glue a sheet of felt to cardstock)

--No Sew Felt Fishing Game

Step 2: Read the general overview of the swaps, if you haven't yet.

Step 3: If you're absolutely sure this is something you want to do, fill out the form below. This form will be taken down Tuesday night or when a "ridiculous" number of swappers is reach. (he he)

Step 4: Feel free to invite your blog readers or friends to join in.

Filling out the form is not a way of expressing interest. It is a commitment to be a part of the swap. It is not fair to the other swappers if a handful of half hearted interest people sign up, only to flake out at some point. That would mean that many people spent time and money assembling 30 activities, but would not receive 30 in return. If you're not sure if you can handle the expense or the time investment at this time, then maybe you should pass this time around. If however, you do sign up with full intentions of participating, but then realize that for some reason you are unable to continue, please let me or your swap coordinator know right away, so that we can contact someone else who would love to be involved.


  1. I can't get a couple of the links (pom pom patterns and Roll-a-cise) to work. I'm getting a 404 Not Found error. Anyone else having this problem? The others from there are working, though.

  2. Links are fixed. Sorry about that.

  3. I am very interested in doing this, I am just confused. Do i do one activity x 30? Then I send all 30 of my activities to my swap coordinator? I hope some one can answer my questions.

  4. Yes, you create 30 bags of the same activity, send it to the coordinator, and then the coordinator will send one of each to everyone.

  5. Love this idea. I am just not sure what I want to do yet.

  6. when is it supposed to be complete?

  7. My kids will be so excited about this! Thanks for hosting it!

  8. Just found your site and I love what you have! I am a mom of 3, 5 and under, embarking on homeschooling this fall (last year was my practice year). I am in need of stuff for my 4 year old and 23 month old. I love your ideas for busy bags!!! Thanks for all your hard-work, your example as a faithful mom to teach and train your children, and be a loving wife. And thanks for sharing all this stuff!

  9. KT, the swap form will be closed probably tomorrow night. At that point, your swap coordinator will go through the activity choices everyone in your group has made and send out an email to everyone with the activity assignments. This process may take a couple days. Once you receive the email, you will have two weeks to assemble your bags and pop 'em in the mail.

  10. Hi! This is sooo awesome! I signed my older son up for the preschool group! He is going to love this!
    How often do you open these groups up? I would love to sign up my younger son for the toddler group.

  11. When will you start another one? I LOVE this idea, but I am currently 2 weeks past due and will be having a baby in the next 3 days, which means I dont want to commit to making something, not knowing what my next few weeks looks like! :) I would love to be in the next one though, if you can tell me when it will be?

  12. So this is open to anyone, from anywhere? You dont get together in person, you mail items???

  13. Do you need any more coordinators for the math, reading ones?

  14. all info needed....thanks!!!

  15. This is such a great idea and right on time for us! My girls are 36 months and 33 months. We are going to have a blast putting these together.

  16. I signed up last night and thought it would be fun to be a coordinator if you still had spots for some. Is there any need for them for the Preschool swap?

  17. Toddler Swap is reopened.

  18. I just want to check.
    We pay to ship them to someone, and then also enclose a check/MO?

    Also, what about the $10.95 flat-rate boxes, as opposed to the $14.95 ones? :)

  19. That is correct, Rebekah.

    I tried to use the $10.95 box for the last swap we did. It was not large enough.

    If you have a group of mom friends, you could always host a local swap to avoid all the shipping costs.

  20. I signed up a few days ago when should I expect to get my assignment :O)! I don't want to get behind. LOL

  21. Looks like I missed this. If anyone drops out or can't do it, let me know.

  22. Have you already notified your coordinators? Just curious, sent an email offering. Still very willing/ interested in coordinating a group! -Abby Robinson

  23. Looks like I missed this, if anyone drops out, please let me know.

  24. I'd love to participate in something like this. Is there any way to get on an email list for when the next one is available??
    Kim Carlile
    kimisslim at gmail dot com

  25. I just found out about the swaps on Money Saving Mom! I have an advanced 2 year old and would love to participate in the swap the next time one is open. Do you know when it will reopen? Thank you for your time!!! Love what you have started :)

  26. I signed up for this but haven't heard anything yet. I wonder if I did something wrong or if we need to wait longer.

  27. I would love to join this swap next time around, or if some people drop out. Please keep my email, just in case!

  28. Hi,

    I missed it too. It looks like there is a bunch more people interested. If there are more can you open up a second swap and choose a coordinator or maybe someone can volunteer?

    Many thanks,

  29. If you wish to be notified of future swaps, please enter your email address on the Busy Bag Swap page (tab under header).

  30. I just found this website and wish I'd have found it sooner! If any fill ins are available...I'd love to be one! When will this be open again? I have a pre-schooler who I am planning on integrating lessons/crafts into her mornings and this would be great since I am also a college student and often need things for her to do while I am busy! I can't wait to be a part of this!

  31. I just opened my box and it is so cool. My son is already playing with a new alphabet puzzle instead of watching tv after his nap. Thanks for hosting this and to all the mom's who pulled it together.

  32. I hope you do another pre-K swap soon!

  33. my box came today and I'm really impressed by all the hard work. Thanks to everyone!!

  34. I am still disappointed that I cannot even get a response if my stuff has been mailed or when it will be. I understand the coordinator is busy but that seems like just common courtesy. I do know she received mine as we did respond then and I had done delivery confirmation. It is 3 weeks past the date I was told it would be sent....and no email saying anything. jennie Skaggs (

  35. Jennie, I will check in on this. There must be an email problem, because I'm pretty sure Jessica isn't ignoring you. :) I will send you an email when I find out what's up.

  36. Jennie,

    I am attempting to email you, but I'm having email trouble tonight. Hopefully it will go through while I'm sleeping. :)

    Jessica has been sending updates, but apparently, they have not been getting to you. She has had two medical emergencies in her family back to back, and is in the hospital herself right now.

    She plans to send out the boxes Thursday, given she has recovered enough to do so.

  37. Can I get on the email list for the next preschool-young K swap? This sounds great! Thanks, Corina

  38. I too would love to join in if you do another swap like this. My email is Thanks!

  39. I would love to participate in the next swap. My email is Thanks!

  40. i would like to participate in the next swap. Please contact me at Thank you!!!

  41. I came across the following activity, which might be good in your next busy bag swap. It is a fruit and veggie silhouette that could either be left as is (two-sided cards) or split, so that younger kids can match the food to the shape. The foldable box, while cute, would be completely unnecessary, with the pieces easily going into a bag. There are a few other ones in the "Toys" section, the picture matching cards for "where animals live" comes to mind, but the silhouette game is by far the best.

  42. My sister Stef particpated in this swap and loved it. I would like to particpate in the next swap. My e-mail is Thank you

  43. I would love to participate in the next swap as well! :) My email address is happyisyellow (at) live (dot) com. Thanks!!

  44. I would love to participate in the next swap too! Hope there's another one.


    tcorner @ comcast . net

  45. Hello,

    Are there any plans for another Busy Bag Swap coming up?

  46. I'd love to participate in the next swap for pre-K... my email address is Please let me know when the next one will be. Thanks! Amy Nelson

  47. I would love to participate in the next swap too!!! My email is Please let me know. Thanks so much!

  48. Me to me to... how do we get involved ?

  49. Please add me to the email list! I would love to get involved! Not only do I have an almost 4 year old, and a 5 year old, I teach 1st grade!

  50. Hi, is found your website and I really love the A-Z beginning sounds game! Can you share the ins
    tructions and print out please? Thanks!

    1. So sorry. The link within this post is broken. Please visit my free printables page, where you will find the Alphabet Tile Cards printable. you can use any small alphabet game pieces or the instrustions for making alphabet tiles can be found here:

      Printables Page:

  51. Thanks for the great ideas! Just hosted my first one earlier this week . :)