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Monday, August 8, 2011

K-2nd Swap Activity Assignemnts Sent to Coordinators

FINALLY, after many hurdles along the way, the K-2nd swap is sorted and ready to go. Thanks to my marvelous husband and the many nights he stayed up until 2 am (and still got up at 5:45 for work), I now have a database that sorts the activities for me. With the exception of having to settle activity choice conflicts, the lists came to me all sorted out.

The activity assignments have been sent out to the coordinators and you should hear from your coordinator by Wednesday, Aug. 10th. PLEASE, respond to this email so that we know you are receiving emails. If you do not receive anything, check your junk mail folders. If there is nothing there, contact me.

The coordinators are Brenda P (myself), Marcia F, Natalie A, Jessica T, and Tracye G.

Please add my email address to your address book (brenners at the herd . us). If your coordinator does not hear from you, she will let me know and I will retry. If my address is in your address book, your email server should not put my emails into your junk mail folder.

Please contact your coordinator should anything come up. We are doing our best to make this an enjoyable experience for you.


  1. Enjoyable for us!??! How could it NOT be a wonderful experience? The question is, how can we serve all of YOU coordinators? Thanks for all of your hard work! We all appreciate YOU so much! -Kristen from Alaska:).

  2. So looking forward to my peek box in the mail. I don't know what problems there have been, but my experience has been great!

  3. I would fill-in if needed

    I have had Great and not so goo experiences but would love to do it again

  4. So is the k-2nd swap opened? I signed up for the swap and did not receive any notification. Did I do something wrong?