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Monday, November 22, 2010

OYOL Starts To Take Shape - One Year to a {more} Organized Life

It seems OYOL is constantly on my mind these days. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I plan to spend 2011 focusing on making my life more organized than it is currently.

I feel like my life is a giant pie chart with a slice for every category. I spend my days running around this giant pie and slapping each slice, but never accomplishing anything at all. It just seems there's never enough time to actually give my full attention to one thing and make it good. And while I am working on one thing, I feel guilty for not focusing on something else.

In reality, however, I think it is mostly just a lack of organization. If I had time blocked out for each responsibility and goal, I could probably actually accomplish something guilt free. Money Saving Mom is currently running a Time Management series that has given me a lot to think about on this subject.

As I begin this quest in the new year, I plan to break my life down into these categories:

  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • School Planning
  • Home
  • -Chores -Decor -Organized Storage
  • Business
  • Friends & Family
  • Computer Time
  • -Business -Blog -Online friendships
    -School planning -Graphic design projects
  • Fun Projects

I will brainstorm through each of these categories to figure out my specific goals and responsibilities in each category. From there, I will figure out what changes I need to make in my current plan of action and schedule in when I will work on these goals and responsibilities.

Because I have a super intensive learning style, I'll be working out all sorts of assignments and worksheets to accomplish all this. I will post it all, including free printables, so follow along if you want.

Right off, before even starting the intensive work, I'll be instigating a daily and weekly routine/schedule. I know these will change as I work through each category, but I've got to put some sort of structure to my daily life right away.

I think the hardest part of all this will be the follow through. I seem to be real good at planning, but awful at carrying it out. If I do carry it out, I have a hard time being consistent. Do you have any secrets to staying consistent?


  1. I'm so excited to share your journey in 2011. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I think you will find that if you follow the program as it's designed, you won't have a problem with follow through. Most programs offer change through the imposition of steps. And while those steps may be invaluable, it's important to first discover what's behind today's reality. And that's what One Year is all about: understand the past and then make a solid plan for what you wish to achieve. The energy of change can wash over you and your home with as much speed as the energy of chaos. It's all about what we invite in! May you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and end of the year holiday celebrations. I'm here if and when you need me.


  2. ps If you or any of your readers wish to contact me, please go to my website You can e-mail me directly from there. No one else sees these communications and I respond personally to everyone who takes the time to write to me.

    I should tell you that I have a new addition to the seres: One Year to an Organized Life with Baby. It will be available at on line retailers in mid-January and in stores in February 2011. I wrote this one with Meagan Francis, a wonderful writer and the mother of five. We help the pregnant mom get ready for baby and then stay with her through the first five months of baby's life.

    Imagine the gift an organized life is to a newborn! Mom and dad can devote more time to baby because they don't have to search for things and they know exactly what to have on hand. It was a joy to write. I hope it's of service to pregnant women everywhere!


  3. Regina, I must admit I had no idea who you were or what in the world you were talking about until I visited your blog. I had no idea the title in my blog post was the title of your book. For that I apologize.

    I think your book is one that I will have to check out. It just may give me some ideas in my journey to a more organized life. Thank you for stopping by.

    I plan to sorta put together my own little "cirriculum" for myself, just cause I'm like that. ha ha. I like to teach myself and love to do "homework". Thanks for the offer to answer any questions. I may have to take you up on that at some point in the year.

  4. Oh, best of luck to you!
    I have no adivce as we ditch the plan and just live for the joy of it. :)

    But my baby is five!