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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories - Past, Present, Future

Remember these paper vests? My brothers and sister and I made these several times many, many years ago. I was doing some remembering today... thinking back to childhood holidays. Most of the things that make me smile were simple and creative little things my siblings and I did together.

Then I got to thinking about my children. I want to create memories with them now so that they will look back on their childhood holidays and smile in the future.

Tomorrow, I think we shall play a simple version of this Mayflower Voyage game and make paper bag Indian vests and headbands. I was looking through Little Giraffe's Thanksgiving page and found such a neat collection of ideas to stash away for mext year.

What do you plan to do with the kids this Thanksgiving season? (This isn't one of those questions at the end of a blog post in an effort to interact with the readership... this is an honest curiosity question. He he he.)


  1. Your button looks great!! Very cute :D
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey remember how we would always beg you to make those turkey napkins? I never could remember how you did those.

  3. Hmmmmm... sort of. But I can't remember how I did the body and head part. I just remember folding the back in an accordian fold.

  4. Very cute!
    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! :)