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Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture Post - Yay!

New haircut and one new outfit...
Oh the things you can make from a sock...
Sock Monkeys
Sock Dolls

Draft Blocker I decorated for fall this year. I think this may be the very first time ever. The giant bouquet was a wonderful birthday gift from my husband.


  1. I really like the fall decorations you have up. :) Your haircut is cute. Hopefully, I'll see in it person soon. :)

  2. Ah... I love the monkeys and dolls. My grandmother used to have some of those. Do you have a pattern? It would be so fun to make some for the boys.

  3. Love your new look!!! those sock dolls remind me of that doll you made me once. LOL I think i still have that one with its gangly legs and arms.