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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There's Been a Metamorphosis

I recently revisited one of my old online treading grounds. I found that it has not changed a single iota. Which is fine, really. It doesn't bother me at all. The problem is, I have.

I first joined this lovely forum group when I was a tall, light summer tea, with the rays of the sun dancing on the surface and gleaming off the glass. I was carefree, bubbly, and spilling with an immature giddiness. Time passed and brought with it a measure of maturity. While I was still a happy summer tea, I took on a slightly darker tone.

The month I resignedly turned my back and walked away, the glass was knocked over and shattered. The all too thirsty earth swallowed the tea before I even realized what had happened. In its place, a large, heavy mug of thick, black coffee was thunked onto the table. Anyone tasting it would have vehemently spat it out. But there I sat in all my black drudge, too thick to see beyond my large, heavy mug.

That's when God began His culinary miracle. A good amount of the cream of comfort and healing... A heaping spoonful of sweet friendships found in unexpected places and people... The dash of spice of a new home church... All stirred together by the sovereign hand of God Himself.

I will never again be a light summer tea. I will never again be carefree and giddy. I am a coffee, deep and perhaps a bit more melancholy, but deliciously flavored by the sovereignty of God. And inside reigns a peaceful, unexplainable joy, which in my opinion is far better than carefree happiness.


  1. What a great analogy! Brings back lots of memories of the days when we wrote an analogy a week for EIC II. I still tend to think of life in analogies a lot and will often "write" them out in my mind to see if they hold true. Thanks for sharing. I see a lot of changes in my life over the past 10 years as well!

  2. I have been traveling and am just catching up on your blog. This is a great analogy. I do wish I saw you on the forum more. coffee or tea your always great to have around ;) and I totally agree with what you said on "behind the scenes" I think we would totally be the best of friends. Now I'm going to try to make more of an effort (stepping out of my shy box here)

    you said you needed to find my blog again...heres the link
    love you!

  3. Thanks, Kat. :) Going to your blog right now and subscribing to the RSS feed.

    I just don't feel much like I fit in the forum anymore. Funny thing is... it's not the people... it's just the platform of the forum, I think.

    I need to make a better effort at keeping up with people too. Sometimes, it's just easier (read lazy) not to. sigh.