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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ah! The Holidays Are Over!

You've probably noticed there wasn't a whole lot of posting going on this month. There were way too many squirrels running around here and I had to shoot some or they were going to trample me alive. Blogging had very little eternal or family value so it was laid to rest. But I'll be reviving it again in the new year.

Usually when Christmas Day is over, I feel a lump of dissappointment settle in my stomach. The fun is over and the ho hum of everyday bitter-cold winter life is about to set in. Cabin fever... bored children with attitudes... Mom with attitudes... too much TV... not enough sunshine... blah days... Not much fun at all.

But this year, I'm actually excited to get back to normal life. And very excited to make "normal" much less chaotic. I want so badly to have a family home life that is peaceful. Not that complete mayhem rules our house, but that complete mayhem rules my inward being. I want to live out His peace inside as well as outside.

Anyway, if you're in search of some sort of more organized normal in your life, you're welcome to join me in my quest, starting next week. For now, I'm enjoying "doing nothing" for a week.

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  1. Enjoying my week off of school as well! Working on some projects, getting us all back into our schedule, and doing some major school planning. I want to have most of the major topics and projects planned out through the end of the school year so things keep going even when the baby arrives!