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Friday, January 28, 2011

I can't keep it a secret any longer

My absolute, most favorite Christian band is Tenth Avenue North. It's not because they sound cool. It's not because they dance around on a stage and blow pretty smoke in front of their drums. It's not because they look like pop stars. It is because every single song so clearly communicates their passion for God, and their firm belief in who He is and who we are because of Him. Every song is packed full of thought provoking truth and the healing words of God's freeing love. This is a band that understands the sovereignty of God and the glory of God.

In an interview with Christianity Today, Mike Donehey, the band leader, was asked, "Your music's been described as a vehicle to educate, entertain and enlighten. Would you agree?" Mike replied,
"Entertaining could be good or bad, but I hope it's meant more in the Webster's definition of "to hold one's attention." I think that's been my desire as I've gotten older. I'm dissatisfied with writing a song where people just sit back and have a good time. I want to be more intentional about saying something - like understanding the Gospel better and letting people know they're loved by God so they can love him back."
Well, Mike Donehey, I guess I'm only one listener, but I would say God is definitely holding my attention through your songs.

Tenth Avenue North is so passionate about the message of God's freeing truth that they have made every one of their songs from both of their albums available in full length versions for anyone to listen to online. As it cycles through the songs, they have a little history blurp underneath the playing song talking about what inspired them to write that song. You can also check out their journal, where you will find more thought provoking, candid expositions of truth.

I was going to share my favorite song, but you know, I just can't pick one. I do, however, love the concept of the song, "Any Other Way", especially after hearing Mike's thoughts behind it.


  1. It is such a small world! Yes...Tim did go to ALERT and knows Brian from there. :-) It's neat that you and your husband met there. What unit was your husband in? Tim was 28...