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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great Stuff for Moms from Other Readers and Around Bloggyland

First, from Jamie, author of this marvelous food blog, Delicious & Nutritious, a chart of developmental benchmarks for children ages 2-5. If you're wondering what skills to encourage in your toddler or preschooler, you will find this chart helpful. Thanks, Jamie, for sharing it with us.

Another reader, Jessica from This Too! Projects, shares this vital post about children and their need for routine. It focuses especially on those children who seem to have a very hard time "focusing on their job", as we call it around our house. If you have a child that just seems to take forever at any given task and has a hard time focusing, you will find this post a must read. Jessica also offers free routine cards you can print and instructions for setting up a system to use them. This fits very well in OYOL's last two challenges.

And this post... Wow. Tell me the title does not grab you right from the beginning! How To Be a More Patient Mom in 24 Hours. Kat gives 5 practical steps to, well... be more patient. I must say they all make sense, and I KNOW they would all help. But, hmmmmm... the first one. That's a challenge. Unless I go to bed at 8, with the kids... I don't think I can really get the full consecutive 7-8 hours of sleep. I'd love to, though.... soon. Oh so very soon. Look out, Faithy Girl.

I totally, completely, 100% relate to this post from I Can Teach My Child, discussing winter time blues and mentally and emotionally turning mild inconviences into major tribulations.

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