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Friday, February 18, 2011

Household Management Notebook?

Have any of you ever put together a household management book of some sort? Have you blogged about it? Got any forms you want to share?

I'm going to work on putting one together. (Gotta have somewhere to put all my worksheets and forms. Ha ha.) And I'm looking for inspiration. If you'd like to share, leave a comment or email me with your link (or if you don't have a link, you can tell me about in an email). I may compile all the ideas into a post with links back to your blogs so others can get inspired too.


  1. I did one for this year and I blogged about it here but honestly once I started using it I realized that I had done it all wrong - I included printables I thought I would want but didn't and vice versa.....I need to redo mine - hoping to do so before end of 1st quarter

  2. I have one, although I haven't blogged about it.

    I used this form... I keep my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines here.
    And a monthly menu plan.

    I would love to see your homemaking binder when you finish it! :-)

  3. I made one very similar to Heather's Home Management Guide - She goes into more detail on each section in later blogs. I think if you click the 'newer posts' at the bottom of the page it'll go to the next post about the HMG. You can also search her blog for more posts.

    I'm pretty sure I showed mine to you when you were here. I can email you the files if you'd like. :) I need to change a few things about mine so it works better for me. It'd help if my printer was working. :P Kind of hard to redo things if I can't print.

  4. Oh, a lot of my cleaning lists and schedules came from

  5. I've been lurking.....I know you thought I dropped out, but I've been reading. My computer went to be with Jesus so I have been waiting on a new one. I just got one so I should be back in the game soon. It's just too hard to do much on my phone.

    I have a binder & it has been wonderful. I will try to blog about it when I get a chance.

  6. Thanks y'all.

    Yes, Laura. You did. :) I liked it. Gave me some good category ideas.

    Reagan... you have four kids, closer together than mine... I haven't given it a second thought as to why you haven't been around as much. I've missed you though. I love reading your blog.

  7. I've also been around in spite of my lack of commenting. :/
    I used to have something called simply "the binder" catchy right? I know I should become a professional product namer or something. heh I'm in a weird mood right now. Don't mind me...
    Anyway, I didn't have a printer at the time so I wrote everything out by hand I had dividers in it and on the front of each divider I put what it was about. my sections were
    ~grocery inventory- I listed all my basic food supplies so instead of searching the pantry and trying to remember what I needed I just went down the list and if I was out of something I replaced it. (so handy...I should probably do it again)
    ~cleaning checklist- I made a checklist of everything I needed to do when I cleaned each room in my house then broke it down to daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually. Then I made a cleaning schedule based on that. Monday I hit weekly things only tue-fri I did the daily's. For the less frequent things I didn't have as systematic a system I just did them on days I didn't have as much going on.
    ~Talk to Jose- as the day went on I would think of things we needed to discuss re: major purchases, broken things, money, the kids whatever. As those things came up I would put them there. So when he got home I knew what I needed to talk to him about.
    I had other sections but I can't remember...I think I had a budget section where I stuck all my receipts and calculated how much we spent on different things but I'm not sure if it was that or something else)

  8. Gosh, Kat. I love you! You made me smile a whole bunch. :) I'm likin' your "talk to Jose" section, only with an Aaron, instead of an Jose. :P

  9. I *just* blogged about this. Again. And I am loving your site. Especially your Bare Minimum. I started one myself (not as nifty looking as yours) a month or so back. Helps. Tons!!

  10. I use SimpleMom's ( daily docket. Love it. Having a home organization binder has made my life so much easier.

  11. Finally posted about my binder....