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Thursday, February 3, 2011

January in Photo Review

No fancy formatting here... Not taking the time for that. Just be glad I uploaded them. <grin>

Faithy Girl being silly

Ethan with spikey hair... he really was more excited about it than it looks.

Cherith and her made-it-all-by-herself snowman

Kissing her snowman's nose

Desitin on couch... two days later, it happened again, only an even bigger mess of it.

Faith watchin' the kids play outside.

"Hi, Faith!"
Daryn peekin' in.

Ethan doesn't like that he can't fit in the car with all his snow gear on.

"Look, Mom! I can walk right off this cabinet."

Ethan Man

We have a climber.

And here's where she decides to dive off, head first.

Daryn learning to read with magnets

Aaron went back to their bedroom and found Cherith holding Ethan and reading to him.

Daryn gets in on the fun.

Daddy and Faith are pretty good buds.

More reading

One of Cherith's silly faces

I love my baby.

Daryn shows off.

My 8 month old walker

Love this face and her little curls

Daryn's Wild Kratts birthday cake

Daddy helping Daryn with his birthday puzzle

goofy kids

We put our kids in the stocks when they're bad. (jk, of course)

another reader


  1. OH my word my sweet faithy is so big! these pictures are WONDERFUL! I love the newest look of their bedroom!! so much to say!

  2. They are always so cute and funny!!! I can't wait to meet faith! I love the pic of her watching the kids play.