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Friday, February 4, 2011

OYOL Week Five Report

The assignment for this week was to think through what needs to be cut, combined, or delegated. Here's what I came up with.

  • graphic design business because I cannot give it the focus it needs without stealing attention from my family and home.
  • creating my own school curriculums for my children because I cannot keep up and that in turn will sacrifice my children's education.
  • any business dreams of planning (for now) because there's just way too much that's more important in my life right now. The extra money would be nice, but God promises to supply our needs, and He is not leading in the direction of a home business for me right now.

  • menu planning & fridge/freezer clean out
  • bathroom cleaning & kids baths
  • supper prep & kitchen clean up
  • download photos from camera & online correspondence

1.To Cherith:
  • Vacuuming (1x a week)
  • Set table, Clear table, Rinse dishes (rotate these jobs each evening)

2. To Cherith and Daryn:
  • Fold towels and washclothes (2x's a week)
  • Put away laundry (anytime it's needed)

3. To Daryn:
  • Unload dishwasher (every other day)
  • Sweep/vacuum dining and/or kitchen floor (every other day)

My husband already takes care of the trash most of the time and helps TREMENDOUSLY with the care of the kids. He also maintains the lawn in the spring and summer, fixes little things around the house, and maintains the computers. That's all I'm asking of him for now. <smile> With work and school, he doesn't have a lot of room on his plate for more.

My mother in law also comes over every Monday, allowing me to run errands sans children. She also helps with dishes and laundry. I love her, and I think everyone needs one. <grin>

I'm realizing that I am actually very blessed with help. I am also realizing that I am entering into a new stage of motherhood. My children are not all babies anymore, and I am beginning to gain helpers. I kinda like that. Makes things seem a little less helpless. But it's going to take a lot of work and discipline and consistency to build up my little help system. <sigh> I'm not real good at consistency.

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