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Friday, March 4, 2011

OYOL Report, Week Nine

Wow. This routine thing... it's hard. Seriously. But not hard in a "maybe a routine is just not right for me" sorta way. It's hard in a "this is my lifesaver and a must, but it's just so hard to change" sorta way.

I have decided to just focus on establishing a morning routine right now, for both me and the kids. If we can go an entire week, keeping to a good morning routine, we will be doing good.

Its just so hard to actually do anything besides doze in a chair at 6:30 a.m. while your kids veg in front of Oswald (which I find stupid), Little Bear, and Little Bill. Not when you're seething with anger and self pity at only getting 3... maaaybe 4... good hours of sleep that night.

You see, my "night's sleep" can really only count the hours I get before Faith wakes up for her night feeding. (No, I haven't trained her to sleep through the night yet... I'm needing those night feedings to ensure that baby G does not make its appearance)} So, for example... I went to bed at a decent 10:00 last night. Slept from 10:00 to about 3:00 a.m. That was a good five hours. The best I've gotten in a loooong time.

But Faith decided she wanted to be awake for the day. She played and giggled and cooed through her nursing session. I put her in bed. She cried. I let her go for a while, but then decided neither of us were getting any sleep. Got her up, did the whole go-back-to-sleep routine, put her back in bed. Repeat with the cry, etc. a few times.

At 5:00 a.m., my little girly was finally asleep and I crawled back into bed, knowing Aaron's alarm would go off in 45 minutes. Sure 'nough it did, and wouldn't you know... this would be the morning he did not turn it off in the first milisecond. It had to sing through its song much longer than I wished to hear it. Then came the interruption of his getting out of bed, his little noises as he got ready for work, his opening and closing the back door, his truck backing down the driveway.... aaaaaaand half a second later, the kids come spilling out of their room. See what I mean? Nothing counts after Faith wakes up.

And even though I got a good five hours, I am so far behind on sleep that it makes no difference at all. In fact, "good nights" like that only make it worse. Its like a tease to my body. It gets all excited that I'm going to give it the loooong 18 hour sleep it craves, and what do I do? I break its little heart.

Hmmmm... where was a I going with all this? Oh, yeah! The morning routine thing. So, yeah, we're doing good if I can drag myself around the house before 9 a.m. And yes, my routine does not have a time assigned to each task, but I really don't like letting the tv babysit my kids while I snooze. And I really should actually feed my kids a good breakfast instead of throwing an apple or banana or dry cereal at them while they're vegging on the living room floor. If I don't start the routine first thing, it doesn't happen.

So, that's my goal for now... focus on the morning routine.

I seriously canNOT wait for spring. The kids will play outside nearly their every waking hour. They will fall asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow, and they will sleep until 7:30 or 8:00. Sounds like heaven to me.

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