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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy Bag Swap Q&A

If I did not receive an email, am I to assume I am not one of the 30 swap participants?

If your email is not listed in the below post, then you are not one of the thirty. If your email is listed, but you did not receive an email from me, please let me know.

Are you going to coordinate another swap for those of us who were not the first thirty?

Short answer: I don't know.

Long answer: I would love to. I think it would be fun to do another according to age, including young elementary (reading/math activities, etc), so that each age group would have their own swap. However, I am not committing myself to it at this time. I will have to see how this swap goes, work out any kinks and maybe give it another go. If you are interested in an age sorted swap, you could shoot me an email and I will file it. That way, should I decide to do such a swap, you could have first dibs on a spot in the swap.

Do you mind if I try to coordinate a similar swap on my blog?

Nope. Not at all. It's not my patent idea. :)


  1. Hi, I replied to an email 11 days ago. Honestly I completely forgot about it since then. I haven't heard anything else after that email- it said that our assignments would be passed out the next day. I hope I didn't stand you all up! Sorry if I did, it wasn't intentional. =/ -amanda aka Pandi7546

  2. Hey, Amanda. I'm so sorry the email didn't get to you. I resent it. You might check your junkmail if you don't see it in your inbox. So sorry.

  3. HI Brenda,

    I am your newest follower and love your busy bag swap idea. Wondered if you would like to do a guest post at
    and share some info about your swap and how it went?
    Message me i'd love to hear from you either way.
    Amber awhitehead357 at gmail dot com