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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The days crawl by, but the years... they fly.

I can't believe it! My little girly is one! It really is true that the youngest baby grows faster than all the others. I'm not just talking about it seeming like they grow faster. In this case, she really did. She was sitting up at five months, crawling at 6 months, standing at 7 months, and walking at eight. Since then, she's been following her siblings around her every waking minute. She sees no reason why I should not let her climb up the 2 story play place at McDonalds along with her siblings.

I love that little girl. I love her smile. I love her curls. I love her giggles. I love her adoration for her brothers and sister. I love her dependence. I love the moments when she is not so dependent and wants mommy attention. (Ok, so I usually love those moments. I'm not fond of them at certain hours of the night.) I love her devotion to her daddy. I love her curiosity. I just plain love her.

Happy birthday (nearly a month late) to my baby girl!

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