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Friday, August 26, 2011

Brand New Busy Bag Swap Procedures

I don't know about you all, but I am loving all this swap stuff. It's so fun to see all the busy bags that you all create. Love the creativity that flows through your veins.

As the last three swaps have progressed, it has become apparent that some changes need to be made to the swapping procedures in order to make things run smoothly and ensure everyone has a fun and wonderful experience.

These changes will go into effect in future swaps. If you are in the middle of a current swap, please follow the directions given by your coordinator.

So, with no further ado....


Busy Bag Swap Procedures

This is a conjunctive group. The success of this swap depends on the success of each
member. The end goal of 30 different activities for each swapper is only possible so long
as each swapper creates 30 bags of the same activities and ships them to the coordinator on
time and maintains proper communication with the coordinator.

1. Sign up using the form on the swap post representing the desired swap. Be sure to
specify your activity preferences.

2. The form will be open only for as long as specified in that swap's post.

3. Once closed, those who signed up will be split into as many groups of 30 as possible.
The names remaining will be kept as fill ins should participants drop out as the swap
progresses. The swap groups are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner
you sign up, the more likely you are to be in a group of swappers.

4. Activities will be assigned to each swapper in each group based on a first come, first
serve basis. If there are four people all wanting to do the same activity, the one who
signed up first will be assigned that activity. If every one of a swapper's choices are
taken, they will be assigned a different activity. (If you have a problem with your assignment, please contact your coordinator right away.)

5. Each group of 30 will be assigned to a coordinator. The coordinator will receive their
swappers' names, email addresses, and activity assignments.

6. The coordinator will email everyone in their group, informing them that they made it in
to the swap. All the fill ins will be emailed informing them of their place in line.

7. Each swapper is responsible to make sure they receive all emails from their coordinator.
If you do not hear anything within a few days of the swap form being closed, you should
look in your junk mail folder. If you find nothing there, please email me (link provided in

8. Once you receive the email from your coordinator, you should reply acknowledging receipt. It is your responsibility to keep communicating with your coordinator so they know for sure that you are still participating.

9. You will have 1 week to send your coordinator $15.65, using Paypal's options in their personal tab (to avoid incurring fees), to cover the cost of shipping the 30 different busy bags back to you. $15.65 covers the cost of the large flat rate box and an extra 70 cents for delivery confirmation. Your shipping payment is your ticket into the swap. You will not receive your activity assignment until your payment is received.

Paypal's Person Tab:

*If you are joining us from Canada, please provide the amount needed to cover shipping from the U.S. to Canada. Just let your coordinator know you're from Canada and, together, you can choose the shipping method.

10. If you should need to drop out of the swap, please inform you coordinator as soon as
possible, BEFORE THE "SHIP BY" DATE, so she can find a fill in, and refund your shipping

11. If you should not have your busy bags to your coordinator on time, or drop out AFTER
THE "SHIP BY" DATE, your $15.65 will be used by the coordinator to fund a replacement
activity to make up for the absence of your activity.

12. Once you have received your activity assignment from your coordinator, you will have a
time frame for preparing your busy bags and getting them into the mail. This will be 2
weeks from the "send payment by" date, or as specified by the coordinator.

13. You are responsible to have your busy bags finished and mailed by the date given by
your coordinator. You will also be given a date by which your coordinator will need to
receive your busy bags. Please keep this date in mind as you choose your shipping method.

14. If your coordinator does not receive your busy bags by the date specified, she will
have to send out the boxes without your activity. Please make sure you have your package of
busy bags to your coordinator by the date specified.

15. Your coordinator will email you when the busy bags boxes have been mailed out to the

16. Wait about 3 business days, and you should have a box of 30 activities waiting for you
and your children to enjoy!


1. Form will be up for time specified (usually 2 days)
2. Cooridinator will email each participant (within a week of form closing)
3. Swappers paypal shipping payment to coordinator (1 week)
4. Swappers assemble and ship busy bags (2 weeks)
5. Coordinators receive and repackage busy bags and ship them out (2 weeks)


These rules will be linked on the Busy Bag page for easy finding.

And that's that. Any questions?


  1. I would like to be a coordinator. How do I participate as one?

  2. I think these are GREAT I am STILL waiting on my toddler swap to arrive. AS of a few days ago, the coordinator is STILL waiting on 3 boxes. RIDICULOUS!!!

  3. I am so bummed that I missed the pre-K swap. I've been contemplating making my own set of bags for my little miss, but I know that will probably never actually get finished. Any idea when there might be another?

  4. Deanna, shoot me an email. If more coordinators are needed in future swaps, I will let you know.

    Anonymous, I'm very sorry for this delay. I am checking into it.

    Patrice, I am not 100% sure when it will be. I am going to get the Math and Reading posted here, as soon as possible. And then I am going to take a break for a little while to get reorganized before posting more swaps.

  5. I too am really hoping for a preschool/pre-K swap. I hope there will be one in the near future. :)

  6. I'm another that is interested in a pre-k swap. I follow moneysavingmom and it really caught my fancy! I'll be following you to wait for the next one :)

  7. Ditto, the pre-K swap. I also follow money saving mom and would LOVE to do this for my kiddo. Baby #2 on the ay and I know this would be a score for those first few weeks!

  8. I am looking for ideas for reading activities for a 3rd grade student, I would love some type of swap for this. Thanks!!! - Also math ideas for a 5th grader!! I need some fun games!!

  9. Thanks for making some changes to the rules. I signed up for the toddler swap and had to have my box in by August 1st. As of today I'm still waiting for my box of activities to arrive. I guess our coordinator is still waiting for boxes from some swap members, I understand emergencies arise, but at some point the box just needs to be sent and I think this will help with that.

  10. I'd also love to participate in a pre-k swap

  11. I would love to participate in a Pre-K swap!! :)

  12. I too would like to do a pre-k swap :)

  13. Ack! We haven't had internet since last Wed. and I will not be able to retrieve and emails sent since then through last night and I should have received an email from my coordinator for the K-2 math and reading swap. My email is now back up. Would you please have them re-email me at From Monica Hayes, Frisco, TX. THANK YOU!

  14. What's the cheapest way to mail our bags to our coordinator? Is it the large flat rate box too? THanks.

  15. It probably depends on what you're sending. You may choose whatever method you like, so long as it reaches your coordintor by the date she specified.

  16. This is AWESOME!!! Thank you for doing this and getting it going :)
    I'm also a Pre-K Momma and anxiously awaiting the next swap!

  17. I would LOVE to do a swap. I have done one with some ladies from church but this would be on a larger scale and mor fun! Hope you do one soon?