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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Bag Issue Resolved

I thought I should let all you know that the issue with the preschool busy bag swap has been resolved. The coordinator had several family issues come up which she had no control over. All the busy bag packages were mailed Friday, and several swappers have already received their box. Thank you, swappers, for your patience through all this.


  1. OH good!!! I think its neat that you do that!

    Erica- For some reason it wont let sign in as me..

  2. Good Evening!

    So glad you got your issue resolved. I wanted to make a suggestion. Have you considered using a swap hosting site instead of having someone be in charge of everyone else's money and shipping things twice? I have used for about a year now. You can set up a private swap (only those who you invite from your blog can sign up) and everyone would mail out their activity to each individual in their swap group. You can also set the number of people to send to and it will automatically assign groups so you don't have to. I love that you do these! Thought this might help.

    God bless you!