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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Worse Than That

Some people are thieves, stealing others' money and possessions. Some people are adulterers, breaking the sacred trust of their spouse and giving away something that is not theirs to give. Some people are murderers, spilling blood and taking lives.

I'm worse than that. I judge. I look down my nose on people that don't measure up to my standards.

I do this to make myself feel better. If I place my focus on the wrong things people around me are doing, I forget about my own sin. If I point out the physical appearance flaws and the lacking skills of other people, I feel pretty, smart, and talented.

But underneath all my vanity, there's an ever so quiet and nagging voice, reminding me that I am an arrogant snob. It reminds me that "as I think in my heart, so am I". I would never tell that lady in the McDonald's booth that she was fat and ugly, so why do I think it? I would never tell that mother that she was a bad mom and has no business keeping her child, so why do I think it?

The first chapter of Romans speaks of God's judgement on sinners. I'm not one of those. Nope. I'm worse. I'm what he talks about in Romans 2... the judger. I am without excuse, for I sin just the same. The thief steals out of greed. I am greedy. The adulterer cheats out of selfishness. I am selfish. The murderer kills out of anger and spite. My heart thinks angry and spiteful thoughts.

Who am I to judge? God judges because He has the capability to show grace and to pardon the sins of others. Do I have that capability? Can I show unlimited grace? No. Can I pardon the sins of others? No. I cannot snatch them from the consequences of their sins.

I am no better than them, and yet when I judge, I place myself way above them. I play the role of God. What blasphemy! What disgrace!

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