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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Pin

Preschool Finds on Pinterest
Here are some of my favorite preschool ideas I've come across on Pinterest.

Free printable learn to glue booklet. So cool and ingenious.

Padlock Board - I think my boys would love this.

Color Coded Parking Lot - definitely perfect for my 4 year old son who loves to order and group things

A Calm Down Jar - You know those times when you just need them to calm down so you can deal with the issue?.. this is an option. Hand them the jar, have them shake it up, instruct them to sit and watch the glitter settle. Once it is all at the bottom, you can proceed.

Animal Classifying for Little Ones - Present the question ( Ex."Which animals like snow?"), then let them sort their toy animals.

Ice Cream Chore Chart - Make little daily responsibilities fun by assigning one to a scoop of ice cream. They build a tall ice cream cone as they complete their tasks. How fun is that?

Do you use Pinterest to bookmark ideas and inspirations? I seriously have no idea how I lived without it. I have always depended on the Internet to supply me with ideas. Now I have a place where I can store my ideas so I can come back to them. I no longer need to have 20 IE tabs open several days in a row, waiting for me to implement the idea. I like that. A lot.

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