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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Most Loved Toys - Vol. 2


 While we do not have balloons around everyday, we certainly do not reserve them only for birthdays. It's just an empty rubber bubble, yet so much fun for a kid. Whoever came up with the idea really should have been paid a million dollars. I have a feeling he didn't.

Yes, that is my kid licking a balloon.

Big Box of Pom-Poms

Yes, it makes a mess every.single.time the box of pom poms are out, but for some reason, that box holds the magic to entertain all four kids at the same time. Into the box I threw a few small containers, some serving tongs, and an old Christmas candy jar. The kids play candy store, scoop and dump, throw snowballs (uh, yeah. not my favorite), stuff them in their shirts... whatever pops into their little heads.

{For those who are also Money Saving Mom readers, I promise that while she beat me to it, I am not just copying her post today. I took these pictures last weekend and woke up this morning with the intention of writing this post tonight. Honest, really and truly. I take no blame for making you want to run to the nearest craft store to buy pom poms.}

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  1. I get frowns almost every time I mention this to moms or teachers but balloons are a choking hazard, inflated or not. Please check some online sites like the American Academy of Pediatrics and other sites that deal with keeping children safe and you will find they are not recommended for use with children. Hate to be a downer, but we should spread the word about a dangerous item that is frequently given to our children.