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Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a bit of rambling...

I'm thinkin' of starting up a coalition. Perhaps you'd like to join? I'm calling it Moms Against Voice Activated Phone Service. I mean seriously!????! Do you really expect a mom to be able to make it through more than half of it when at any second a fight could break out? Or when at any moment a child could come within inches of the phone and holler, "Hey, MOM!"? Who designed such a strange technology? No. Wait. Who even thought of it??? Definitely a man sitting in his snug little office with his Bose Wave Radio quietly filling the air with soft classical music. Well, whatever! All I have to say to him is, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????"

On another note, we watched two movies this weekend. One was Inception. Wow. That's one of those movies you have to watched several times just to catch it all. Have you seen it? Did you have strange dreams that night? Cause I did. Strange.

The other movie was Nanny McPhee Returns. I love those accents. You know when Celia asked, "Where are we?" and Sorrel answers, "We're in a land of poo." I think that where I was today. Only is was very cold and very wet. The parking lots around here are so disgusting in the winter. Dark brown slushy slop, seriously 3-4 inches deep. Puke.

My sister in law is having a baby. I want to throw her a baby shower, but she lives in Texas. I live in Indiana. I don't know anyone she knows in Texas. And she doesn't know anyone I know here in Indiana. Guess a baby shower won't work all that well.

I'm excited about Daryn's birthday party. It's just family... grandparents, great grandparents, maybe aunt and uncle... no kids, other than my own. But I'm excited for him. He's just one of those little guys that are so happy over the smallest things. And I know he's gonna have a world of fun having a day to himself. Can't wait.

That's a lot of random rambling.

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  1. Here's a hint. Say, "Operator," press 0, or say something like, "Let me talk to a real person, stinkin' computer!" It'll get you there.